lazy 2011

i've been laying in my bed the whole fucking week. haven't done anything. isolation BIG TIME. my new years goal is to GET UP!!!!! (and i haven't washed my hair in OVER 2 weeks now haha gah im so nasty)

happy new year loves

BTW! what do you think about my new blog? beztybeztblogevaa or suckysuck? :) ok i know im boring

Postat av: Ingvild

your blog is fabbb

2011-12-31 @ 13:05:37
Postat av: Lola

haha great film! Happy new year

2011-12-31 @ 14:08:00
Postat av: C


2011-12-31 @ 14:12:41
Postat av: Anne

beztybeztblogevaa no doubt! And happy new year to you:))

2011-12-31 @ 14:26:10
Postat av: Lina

love your new blog. btw i think that i've also got myself a new one... this one! it's Lina.. haha

2011-12-31 @ 15:37:25
Postat av: toastdead

Ingvild- thaanks <3 :)

Lola- hny<3

C- haha aw

Anne- thank you and hny<3

Lina- haha du måste slå rekord i att skapa nya bloggar alltså<3

2011-12-31 @ 16:24:05
Postat av: pillan

tack du :))

2011-12-31 @ 16:36:11
Postat av: mizuki

its your blogg dont care what we think :) (its good)

2011-12-31 @ 16:53:23
Postat av: toastdead

mizuki- yeh i know but its fun to hear what you guys think tho :) thaaanks

2011-12-31 @ 17:07:08
Postat av: Anette

din blogg är hur bra som helst!! bäst!

2011-12-31 @ 17:21:25
Postat av: Ellen

Gott Nytt år Miriam!

Vad fint med en så stor säng! Det bästa man kan äga typ.

2011-12-31 @ 17:24:15
Postat av: Anette

gott nyår på dig med!

hoppas på att du får en fin nyårskväll.

sv. åh, bra att du skrev det! ska ändra. hehe. :)

2011-12-31 @ 20:25:54
Postat av: Lina

sv: haha ja jag tror det <3 kram på dig, gott nytt år.

2011-12-31 @ 21:44:00
Postat av: Kimberley

Happy new year to you too!!

I like your blog just the way it is! I like how personal it is, and of course all the food pictured!That post about dogs made me chuckle, I'm a dog person at heart! ;-)


Postat av: alexandra

i love your blog miriam, every time i turn my computer on, i always check if you post something new ;)

i have to get up too, i've been so lazy lately

happy new year sweetheart!

2012-01-01 @ 15:31:26
Postat av: ellen


2012-01-01 @ 18:09:45
Postat av: toast

kimberley+alexandra- thanks you so much :)<3

2012-01-01 @ 18:38:34
Postat av: Ellen

Alltså seriöst. Hur stor är din säng?

2012-01-02 @ 02:56:19
Postat av: agreencat

in love with your blog.

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