lazy 2011

i've been laying in my bed the whole fucking week. haven't done anything. isolation BIG TIME. my new years goal is to GET UP!!!!! (and i haven't washed my hair in OVER 2 weeks now haha gah im so nasty)

happy new year loves

BTW! what do you think about my new blog? beztybeztblogevaa or suckysuck? :) ok i know im boring


oh lovelovelovelove marni atm thanks to miss mravecs marni bikerboots and this amazing fur coat, also by marni!! gaah these two cracks me up!!! lovelovelove wantwantwant


selling this basic weekday-cardigan (that i'm holding up) if someone's interested?

pep guardiola

barcelonas stylish coach pep guardiola!

two things

1 izabels shoes 2 my fancy hairdo hehe


doughy waffles and cute omari


i have two cats but i'm deep down a "dog" person if you know what i mean.. haha i can't stop smiling at these pictures. just look at the dogs faces, looks like they've seen a monster or something (look at the cutie on the second picture haha)

just sayin


crazy yummy!!!


it's hard to look back and realize how bad and messed up you really were

stay gold

Louise Bourgeois 1911-2010


lattes 4 evry1


i got this awesome "caffeo bar" by melitta for christmas. i love it. me and my dad are making lattes 24/7 now. (this one, on the pictures are the first one we made..or my dad made, therefore it doesn't look so good) did you get any chrsms pressents? name yr favorite!!

the beginning

this will be my new breathing room

new start

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