how r you guys doing?


cheeasy me hE hE


selling my babybuffalos

contact me on toastdead@hot.. if you're interested!

BIG PLUS if you live in sthlm

(and yeess my scanner is finally working again!!)

dream room


this room has been my "secret" dream room ever sience i was little

it feels wrong to say little tho cuz i still consider myself as"little"

i'm little

i'm 18

and come on

18 is little

HOWEVER back to the hey-arnold-room

this room is a mixture of a greenhouse and a cool brooklyn apartment

the roof is breathtaking.... surreal!!

+the neverending carpet, the fresh plants, the wall bookcase, the cute lamps and the bed and yes i could go on forever about this silly room that i'm deeply in love with

n how can u not be?....

now i'm goanna watch hey arnold n eat cheese sandwiches n drink COLD chocolate




guess what?? :)

(thank god 4 the "buy 3 of the same item and get 15% off" thing!!)


now i'm gonna eat lamb tongue, best food ever!!

norwegian food

i miss my home in norway sometimes..

when i was little i spend alot of time there 

i remember how much i loved it there

it's was so different from sweden

the people

the culture

the nature

the food (ofc:))

today i got a lovely surprise as u can see on the photos.. my mom (who's norwegian) came home with lots of norwegian food from norway!! guess if i'm happy!!!??


do i have any readers who lives in norway?

if so, YR LUCKY


good morning it's friday!


felt very bad this morning but i'm feeling so much better now, thank god


right now

severe pain all over my body



need new jeans!!


shrimp cheese + sweet wort bread

black eye bags and huge carb coma

please send me to planet marss

jil sander babies

these makes me long 4 summer <3


romnatic dinner 4 one NOOOOOT

jag har ingen el!!!!

snor grannens internet heh

stearinljus+pizza är mitt sällskap just nu. great..... detta känns som robinson stockholm typ haha

har ni tips på goda pizzor? för det ser ut som att det kommer bli min frukost/lunch också och man har ju hört att en nyttig kost skall vara varierad så jag tänker inte käka en musslel+räk+lök+Xost-paprika pizza igen

coco pops

dream sponsor? haha

now - mike and molly + fried turnip

gray moodboard


thank you guys for always cheering me up :)


i dress so damn boring these days. and pretty ugly haha you have no idea....................................

and yes, that why i don't post outfits that often

Xiao Wen Ju + Boots

the mobile diary

NOW ----> a warm bath!!


i hate my sleep habits

i hate my sleep habits

i hate my sleep habits

i hate my sleep habits
i hate my sleep habitsi hate my sleep habits
i hate my sleep habits
i hate my sleep habits
i hate my sleep habits

gah do you have any "getting tired cure" that u could/want to share?

my goal is to be in bed and sleep when the clock is 2 am and not lay on the couch and wach fawlty towers or seinfeld and eat cornflakes with chocolate milk

ups and downs

- lost my travel card

+ eating kebab for dinner - second time in a row

hate me in that order

can't tell u now BUT

you'll be the first one 2 know

what can happen will happen

i became a business woman today

so damn excited



quick filmtips plzz!!


mobile pics

saying good morning with some crappy mobile pics!


ah my ears are jumping when i hear all the fantastic places u wanna visit, or live in!! just think that anything that can happen, will happen!


i started school this week AND i've skipped it the whole week. i promised myself 2 go today and that didin't go so well...

i get the biggest lump in my stomach when i think of school..


if you could go anywhere tomorrow, where would it be??

right now

warm cinnamon buns in the microwave

mix oatly oatmeal milk and organce juice

put on bbc world news

and baam

you got yr own toastdead-midnight-thursday-something-joy 




it's me, daul kim and fawlty towers

glorious apple muffins

r climbing up my arm

you know



friday night

jag har så otroligt ont i hjärtat

jag vrider och vänder mig i sängen men finner ingen ro

jag har som en lucka i halsen som bestämt sig för att stängas

mina luftvägar får ingen luft

jag får inget syre så jag kan andas ordentligt

ensamheten är så jävla stor och jag är så jävla liten








priceless moments

prince william + kanye + prince harry and diddy

jay z and will smith

kanye west and marc jacobs

snoop doggy dogg and martha stewart

I DIE!! can't stop smiling at this

thumbs up for midnights internet browsing yezz

one of my favorite tumblrs right now is awesomepeoplehangingouttogether


rubber fuck

i don't own a single pair of converse. i don't know, i just think that they are very ugly and boring aaand i know that i'm the only one who thinks that(?) but these are ok.... and they reminds me a little bit of converse with the rubber thing around the sole, maybe thats why i have a hate/love thing 4 these

messed up psyche

wanting something is one thing

but doing it is something else....


trying to make my brain think positive

goanna make my brain think positive

making my brain think positive


1 "fisherman jumper" from topshop 2 acid wash hoodie from american apparel

sleep tight

n sweet dreams

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